Installation Notes

Current Setup

Recurse Center's LEDBot is awesome, though at present our cord situation is a little quirky (we have 3 cords).

  • Large 5V Power Adapter - Goes to connector LED panel's barrel connector
  • Small 5V Power Adapter - Connects to the Beaglebone Black's barrel connector
  • Ethernet Cable - Connects to the Beaglebone Black's Ethernet port

Possible Improvements


We tried to use a single power adapter for the Beaglebone and the LEDs but ran into stability issues. If we put a capacitor on the power we could probably run a single line.

When we tried to connect via wifi we noticed:

  1. Lag when streaming OPC packets over the network
  2. Periodic trouble getting a DHCP lease

Connecting to the Beaglebone

The beaglebone lives at ledbone.local on the Recurse Center network. If you can't find it here is another way you can conncet.

Find your IP Address with ifconfig or sometimes ip addr

You should see something like inet netmask 0xffff0000 broadcast

Lets say our IP is

Use nmap to scan the local network

On Linux:

sudo apt-get install nmap

Or Mac:

brew install nmap

Search the local network

sudo nmap -sP

Look for a result that contains Texas Instruments like:

Nmap scan report for

Host is up (0.0048s latency).

MAC Address: 1C:BA:DE:AD:BE:EF (Texas Instruments)

SSH into it

ssh debian@