Hardware Setup

After some fussing we found Trammell Hudson's really excellent Octoscroller and LEDscape project to interface with our low-level hardware.


Buy a BeagleBone Black, some LED Panels and a nice 5V power supply.

OSH Park

We also need an Octoscroller cape. You can order the cape circuit board in sets of 3 from OSH Park! Share with a friend! The process takes two or three weeks.


Make a DigiKey order. Here are the parts you want:

Quantity Part Number Description
1 296-8503-5-ND 8-bit bus transceiver
8 S9171-ND 16 pin ribbon connector
4 S1012E-36-ND Breakable header pins


Solder your hardware. The buffer IC goes on the underside of the circuit board. Solder this first. The hole in the ribbon cable connectors face towards the bottom of the PCB.

These LED panels can potentially use a lot of power. Make sure you have an adequate power supply (~1.5A panel) or you may experience unusual issues!