User Guide


LEDBot is accessible over Zulip. You can send LEDbot a private message or post one of these commands to a public channel

command parameters
led-bot show-image <imagename> image needs to be on the same server & directory where bot is running.
led-bot <text> maximum of 1000 characters


A simple browser-based front-end is available at http://host:4000/. Text and images can be sent via POST requests to API end points.

end point parameters
http://host:4000/ browser-based front-end
http://host:4000/show-image/ url=image url
http://host:4000/show-text/ message=your_text&color=255,0,0


Message or mention LEDbot with the following. By default LEDBot joins a Freenode channel called #ledbot

command Details
show <text> Displays given text
img <url> Displays image at given url
color <r> <g> <b> Sets text color


LEDBot can connect to a MQTT broker and subscribe to channels for "push" notifications. This functionality is very minimal at the moment and can be expanded upon with additional parameters. By default LEDBot listens to channel ledbot/ on the public broker

JSON Feeds

LEDBot can periodically pull data from arbitrary JSON feeds (ex, weather, quotes, transit times, news articles) and add them to the queue. This functionality is still rough and in development see